The Bolitho Estates have a large number of rented residential properties ranging from one to five bedrooms, flats to detached houses. Mainly located in West Cornwall, some are in or close to Penzance whilst others are considerably more rural.

Houses are let and managed by the estate office with repairs carried out by either our own building and maintenance team or retained contractors. The Estate traditionally has long term relationships with residential tenants, with some houses occupied by the same tenants for decades making our properties very desirable for those seeking security of tenure.

A guide for residential tenants can be downloaded here. References are required and an administration charge of £175.00 made per let property.

Commercial Properties

We rent commercial units for a range of uses including office, workshop, storage and artist studios. The majority of our units are located in small business parks close to Penzance but in a semi-rural setting, giving our tenants the benefit of quiet working surroundings whilst still being in close proximity to the town and A30.

Units range in size from approximately 150 to 1,000 sqft with price per sqft reflecting the type of use the space has been created for. Containers and storage spaces for boats and motorhomes are also available to rent.

Commercial tenants are generally offered a three year lease (negotiable), giving them sufficient security of tenure to enable them to have some stability as many are start-up businesses, perhaps grown too large to continuing operating in the family home. Due to the diversity of our commercial properties, tenants are able to change units on the estate should they need to up or downsize during the tenancy term.

References are required and an administration charge of £75.00 will be made per let property.

Agricultural Properties

The Estate has a range of agricultural holdings from farms equipped with houses and buildings, bare agricultural land, small parcels of land of just a few acres or allotments for personal use. Please contact Jenny Olds at the Estate Office for land enquiries.

Miscellaneous and Properties wanted

Given the diverse nature of the estate, and the adaptive and creative nature of people in West Cornwall, which never ceases to amaze us, should you have a property requirement however miscellaneous it may seem, do call us and let us know what you are looking for.